Our Estate


Located in the winegrowing town of Vallet, in the heart of the Nantes vineyard, Domaine du Grand CHATELIER enjoys an exceptional geographical and geological situation.

A few words of History :

Our vineyard has been in the family for four generations.

Over the ages, some men naturally planted vines on the slopes of the river Sanguèze, overlooked by Grand Domaine du Chatelier.

Fascinated by the earth and nature, my great-grandfather François LEBAS was captivated by the place in the 1870s. He moved to Chatelier where he cultivated the vine and his love for a good job. A few decades later, my grandfather François took up the torch and passed it on to my father Jean.

After a few years working with him and studying winegrowing and oenology, I took over in 1994. Permeated by the love for the land handed down from generation to generation, I perpetuate the know-how and passion of an entire family.

Our winegrowing methods

The cultivation of the vine in Domaine du Grand Chatelier is naturally guided by one principle: to observe and respect; to observe the soil (soil pits - weeds), to observe the plant, to observe the pests and their development conditions in order to eventually act wisely. Incidentally, we are part of Ariane Network, a network for sustainable practices in the Nantes vineyard.

Our values

Respect, patience, rigour, boldness and friendliness. I am pleased to share these values with you in all my wines.

Our own way of harvesting and winemaking

In 1992, in order to harvest all our plots in the best conditions of maturity, we opted for mixed harvesting: manual and mechanical.

A gentle and respectful pneumatic pressing of the grapes extracts the juice ready to be vinified; each vinification is adapted to suit the plot (age, variety, soil) in order to enhance the expression of each vintage.

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